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HERD Defender

The HERD BIG TEX, made with monster 4” tubes and the largest extruded “Texas flat” style bumper available anywhere. Oversize 4” tubes complete the look of this “Ultra Premium” product, well suited for today’s set-forward front axle trucks.

Change Options

  • Custom Lights
  • No Signal Lights

Typical Buyer

The exclusive Big Tex with 4” tubes is for those who demand the very best.


It’s ultra deep 18” extruded bumper and oversize tubes provide extreme protection and bold styling, suitable for today’s set-forward front axle trucks.

Product Features

Oversize Box Uprights
4" Tube
Interlock System
LED Signal Lights
Impact Plates
"White Glove" Shipping Treatment
Extruded Texas Bumper
Herd's Mirror Polish