HERD Product Features

HERD Slam Latch System

NEW: Slam Latch System

HERD's new SLAM LATCH SYSTEM allows you to tilt your HERD forward with one simple click and SLAM it back into place when you're done. EASY. FAST. STRONG. MORE INFO...

HERD Steel Impact Plates

Impact Plates

Impact plates are steel plates integrated with the mounting bracket that provide additional impact support towards the outsides of the bumper guard . Without impact plates any bumper guard is susceptible to folding in on the outside in the event of an off-center impact. This feature is exclusive to HERD products.

HERD's Exclusive Boxed Uprights

Box Uprights

All HERD's Premium products come standard with fully boxed in uprights. The closed in shape is many times stronger than a conventional I-beam shape, for both head-on OR off-center impacts. They also provide a cleaner, tidier look that is easier to maintain.

HERD's revolutionary interlock system

Interlock System

The strength and durability of a HERD comes from the interaction of the steel mounting bracket and the aluminum bumper. The design places zero weight on the hinges, so you don’t have to worry about things getting loose or rattling over time.

HERD's Mirror Finish

Herd's Mirror Polish

HERD's proprietary 9-step polish process is without a doubt the shining star in the industry. The end result is a mirror-like finish you can be proud to put in front of your truck.

High Quality Eyebolt


HERD’s high quality, steel drop forged eyebolts with 7/8" threads are a proven method for fastening the bumper guard in the upright position.

Oversize Box Uprights

Available ONLY on the exclusive BIG TEX and Super Road Train models. These oversized boxed-uprights share the same strength characteristics as our standard size box uprights, just bigger.

Profile Uprights

Also known as I-beam uprights, profile uprights are the industry standard for cost-effective animal protection. The profile uprights and tubes, welded together with our extruded bumper section, form a rigid structure effective against most types of wildlife or obstacles.

Tubing - 2.5", 3" and 4"

All of HERD's tubing is made from high-quality, high strength 6061 aluminum.

2-1/2" Tube

2-1/2" is the industry standard size for bullbar tubing.

3" Tube

Oversize 3" tubing is standard on all premium products - the Defender, the Texas, the Aero, as well as on the ultra-premium Road Train model.

4" Tube

4" tube might be considered overkill to some... But just ask any BIG TEX or Super Road Train owner, and they'll tell you it's just right.

2.5" Oval Tube

Oval Tube

Oval tubing is used for strength and styling on vertical tube bars, as well as in our pickup truck models to provide a flat mounting surface for aftermarket lights.

Baluster Reinforced Lower Rake

Standard on our Road Train and Super Road Train models, this feature provides additional bracing to the lower rake.

LED Signal Light

LED Signal Lights

Our 6” oval and 2” round lights are quality LED lights. All lights come standard with a fully enclosed grommet to protect them from the elements.

OEM Light Mounting Provisions

On some vehicles, the OEM lights can be integrated into cutouts in HERD's bumper guard.

Light Mounting Tab

Light Mounting Tabs

HERD’s extruded light tabs provide a strong platform for even the biggest aftermarket lights.

Light Mounting Bracket

HERD’s Steel light mounting bracket is a convenient way to add light mounting points on your HERD bumper guard. They can be placed in many locations, and added anytime.

"White Glove" Shipping Treatment

HERD is committed to ensuring that each and every bumper arrives at its final destination in flawless factory condition. Our semi-truck bullbars are shipped standing upright, bolted to a pallet and covered with 3 layers of different protective materials. When your shipment arrives, simply pull open the tarp-like cover using the convenient draw-string on the bottom to inspect your bumper.

Extruded Defender Bumper

Extruded out of high quality 6061 aluminum, HERD’s Defender bumper channel is a strong 12" D-shaped bumper. Why extruded?

Extruded Texas Bumper

The largest bumper extrusion on the market, HERD’s Texas bumper channel measures over 18" deep. Why extruded?

Extruded Aero Bumper

HERD’s Aero bumper channel features an 18" swept back profile, providing better airflow and aerodynamics for today's highway trucks. Why extruded?

Extruded AeroLT Bumper

HERD’s AeroLT bumper channel features a 13 1/2" swept back profile, providing superior airflow and aerodynamics. Why extruded?